Lingotopia is a language learning game where you play a young girl lost in a fantastical and alien city.

This very first prototype of the game has one character to talk to and a few words you can learn. I'll keep on adding to it as quickly as my little fingers let me type. Eventually there'll be a 3d city to walk around in and many wonderful characters to meet.

The game is in English and at the moment you can choose to learn any of the following 13 languages: German, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Hindi, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Estonian, LIthuanian, Latvian.

If you speak a language other than English or German and would be willing to translate a sentence or two for future versions of the game, then that would be fantastic. Here's the link to the google sheets:

If you want to get an email when I release another version of the game, then here's the mailing list:


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When asking the player to type a word, explicitly state you want the English word ... during my first try I lost all my hearts from typing the word to be translated instead of the English translation.

I found it useful for learning a few words! I'd love to see an expanded version

Yay! I'm working on it. I'll release new demos like this every few months. Each time with a few more words to learn. Thanks for playing!